Artist Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting work to Caulfield Gallery. We
invite artists to our gallery based on various criteria. We try to take time
to review as many as possible on a monthly basis and give each submission
adequate time to make the right decision for both gallery and artist.

Working hard to represent the artists already with us has always been our
priority. We take your interest in our gallery as a compliment. It can be a
struggle keeping up with submissions, so be aware that it may require some
time to get a response from us. Please be patient. Following the guidelines
below helps us to give your artwork the attention you desire and guarantees
a return of your valuable portfolio materials.

1. Emailed submissions are preferred. If you have a website, please include
the URL. Submit to Please put artist submission
in the subject line.

2. All portfolios and images must be in digital form, preferably on CD, no
slides accepted. Any materials submitted that you wish returned MUST include
a self addressed stamped envelope with the proper postage. If you wish to
present your portfolio in person please contact the gallery ahead of time to
arrange an appointment, we are always happy to meet new artists.

3. Please include pricing, sizes, mediums, exhibition history and public and
private collections as applicable. Any personal information and philosophy
as it relates to your work is always interesting and reviewed.

4. Please include gallery affiliations, past and current with contact

Thank you for your interest in Caulfield Gallery